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docTrackr Folder Monitoring - installation

Erik Grueter
posted this on January 9, 2013, 20:26

/!\ You need a account prior to the installation of the docTrackr Folder Monitoring Box app.

1. Go to the docTrackr Folder Monitoring App install page after logging into your Box account.

The direct link to the App in Box is:

Tip: This is the enterprise version of the docTrackr App to protect your folders. There is a separate docTrackr app for sharing secure files outside of your enterprise. Ask your group manager if you need to install it.

2. Click on “Add” on the left panel of the description and the app is now installed!

docTrackr monitors actions in your secured Box folders to keep your documents secure with little impact on your collaborators' productivity within Box.

Tip: Ask your Box IT administrator to deploy the Enterprise docTrackr app to everyone managing documents in your group to be sure that all documents remain secured.


3. Select “Secure and monitor with docTrackr” in the “Folder Options” of the first folder you want to secure.

  1. Go into the folder you want to secure, and select the “Folder Options” on the top right corner.
  2. Select the “More Actions” section at the end of the menu.

Tip: All folders within a secured folder are also secured. Be sure that you want to secure every document within your folder (including subfolders) before you select the folder action.


4. Create your administrator account with docTrackr, in the pop up that appears.

You will be asked to create your account (or to log in if you already have one). Your login is your email address used in Box.

Tip: For a better ease of use, if you don’t have the Single Sign-On option activated on Box & docTrackr, we advice to set a similar password as in Box. You’ll use it each time you will open a protected document from Box. We let users setting their own password for security reasons.

5. Authorize docTrackr to exchange information with Box. Congratulations you just secured your first folder!

Your folder will automatically be protected, and your account activated.

Tip: Don’t forget to click on “Remember this login information” to avoid this dialog in the future.





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